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I ran into an issue today where I had to produce a list of jobs (currently we have about 200) that were using a credential that i had set up. So lets say Joe@domain was the credential. We were being audited and I needed to tell our security folks how many jobs were using that ID. I could not do this quickly so I manually went through each job to see which credential they were set up to use when executing.

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea? I could always program something using the API, but I thought i'd see if anyone else thought this sort of feature, possibly on the Manage Credentials page, would be helpful. Ideally, I would be able to go to the list of credentials, click a button to report which jobs are using it, and get a display back with job names. That, or possibly expanding the filter options to include Credentials.


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This is indeed nice. An addition to this could be a bulk replace method, so you don't have to change the credentials one by one.
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It would be nice, with most, if not all, of the global settings, to be able to easily view what jobs they have been associated with; and to be able to make bulk changes to them. The question about credentials, in particular, sounds like something that could come up sooner or later for a lot of people.

One proposal that I have seen in the past here is to use variables to create reports, but it sounds like in a situation such as this - a large number of existing jobs, and an unanticipated question that requires a prompt response - it might be a little time-intensive, assuming that that would be applicable for the case at hand.
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