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We're running Visual Cron version: 6.2.2.

We have a job that monitors a file share using UNC pathing. There is a file trigger on this job which is using a filemask to determine if new files have been dropped to this share.

On trigger various tasks run which involve copy of the files to a temp location, manipulating then, ftp'ing them, etc. Everything works great, however...

Every few days for no apparent reason we notice files that have been dropped to the share have not been picked up.

Upon investigating, we see the VC job hasn't triggered for days.
Upon opening up the job itself, we find the file trigger has been deactivated (the Active checkbox is unchecked).

What would cause this to happen and is there a way to reconnect or reactivate a trigger programmatically to avoid this?

Our other option is to create a mapped drive locally on the visual cron server but we'd really rather not do that, and are unsure as to whether this too would have the same problem.

Thanks for any help,

Normally, the default settings for number of retries that VisualCron do when a network problem arises is very low. So, if a remote server is rebooted or network abrupted VisualCron will try for x number of times with x second interval. If the downtime is higher than the total sum the Trigger will be deactivated. I suggest editing those and increase the interval and retry times.
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I agree with what Henrik said. There are options on the file trigger to increase the retries, etc.. However, even so, we've still ran into issues when there are conditions I can't account for, so what we've done is set up a job on VisualCron that does nothing more than send an e-mail to our team anytime a trigger is enabled/disabled.

Now, if you are always adding/removing triggers, this might be annoying, but for us, we have specific change windows and know when those e-mails are appropriate. If we get an e-mail saying a trigger was enabled/disabled outside of these times, we go investigate.

Job with a 'VisualCron' trigger instead of an Interval. The trigger is based on Trigger Deleted, Expired, or both. (See Screenshot).

Then, the job has one simple Task: E-mail Task

Subject: {COMPUTER(Name)} - {TRIGGER(Active|LastTrigger|VisualCron.Result.Message)}

Typical stuff for From/To/ReplyTo address

Then the Text/body of the message:


If this was not on purpose,  Go investigate.

Server:  {COMPUTER(Name)}
bbusse attached the following image(s):
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