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I am trying to run an .exe I compiled from Matlab. I installed the Matlab Runtime Engine on our VCron server, but I can't get it to run.
The process runs fine when I log in to the server and run the .exe manually from the command line, but when the file is run from VCron, it runs about halfway, and then simply stalls. There is no error message. The process goes to 0 cpu and does nothing else - just sits there indefinitely. The only clue I have is that ProcMon shows me the process constantly reads and write to this file, but does nothing else:

Apparently a matlab resource-synchronization file.

The process also runs fine when kicked off from the Windows Task Scheduler.
I use the same login/profile in all cases. We have many other process that run fine from VCron, though this is the first time we are running Matlab this way. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I could be that you need to use a Credential - same user as you are logged in as. Also important is that you use full path to mathlab.exe in command and the rest in arguments field.
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