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We have an issue with a job that retrieves a list of machines from an AD Security Group, and the copies files from that group. We found out (the hard way) that one machine was not getting processed. In researching, we found another that stopped working on 03/04/2014.

I did Reset Job and now those machines are getting processed. Why would Reset Job cause this to start working (I'm only guessing that it did)?

In the Group AD Group Members task, under Select Group, there is a checkbox: Cache Results. Cache for how long?
keithdavis attached the following image(s):
Oh, the Cache Results seems to be only for selecting the group.

Then I have no idea, but Reset Job fixed this and .

The problem is how do we know that it won't just fail again?
Cache result is only for the duration of that window being opened.

Reset Job do only the following things;

1. clear output
2. reset status from running to waiting

Only way this might have affected you is if you have "Do not run job if it is still running" and it was running. Reset changes this status so you can run again.

This does not affect Task performance or result in any way.
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