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Dear Team,

after upgrading Visual Cron from 6.12 version to the latest (7.14), we have found a sticky problem in an our job.

We had imported the configuration in the new VC server, without errors.

The job with problems has a task that copy files (daily) to an SFTP server and it was configured to use a 'Date Filter' with the follow pattern: " {DATENOWADD(Minutes|-120|dd/MM/yyyy} "

Anyway, the pattern wasn't matched and we've encountered a bad experience, because all files located in the source folder had copied to the destination server.
In the Visual Cron.

In the VC logs there wasn't any evidence, but only testing the job with the button "Show filtered files" the error appears: "Field 'Newer than' value in an invalid date".

In the previous version the job working properly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,
Mirko Cavallini
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Thanks for the report, we will investigate this and let you know.
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