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This should be simple but I keep striking out.. I've tried many variations on this basic theme, currently this variation seems to just delete the object that I am trying to rename. Any help would be appreciated.

New Name Mask = *

Post Process Mask with Variable is checked with the following value


Another variation returned the message that "The system cannot find the file specified."

And another variation returned the file name exactly like the original without the variable appended.


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Hi riversongro,

I try to test this in version 7.1.8 and this is what I did:

Have a 'Rename File' task and set up the File Filter correctly. Please use the Test tab to see if you have matching files.

Next step is to set the Rename settings. The new name mask is set to: *
The PostProcess mask checkbox should be checked.

Now you have to set the rename line and this is what I did:


For every zip file found in the file mask, this line is run. So every filename having .zip in there, this part will be replaced by _{DATEFORMAT(yyyyMMdd-HHMMss)}.zip

A will give you eg.

You used {DATETIME()}, but this will retun : in there and that is not alowed in a filename. You should use DATEFORMAT instead.

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Case Solved... Thank you ErikC!
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