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As a long time user of Jasftp this product really blows me away (atleast for the first week of testing). Great work.

My question is:

I have a job with one FTP transfer task followed by one mail task. I have a mail notification on the FTP task on error and the mail task reports success. Can I get the mail task to include what files were transfered by the FTP task?

Thanks again.

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Hi Haaken,

we have a request on this and we will add this property very shortly. We have just reworked the Variables so these kind of properties will be even easier to add. Expect a week or two for this to be added.
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Thanks for quick reply.

It sounds like it's about to get easier, but if you need an interim solution, one thing that we have been using is the variable that reads the standard output of the FTP task.

i.e. include in the body of the email for the email task the variable {TASK(TaskID,StdOut)}, where TaskID is the ID of the FTP task.

Also, this variable can be used in a file notification which is writes to file on completion of the FTP task, using the apend option - this would allow you to maintain a logged record of the FTP transfers for any of your FTP tasks; since you can have multiple notifications on a task, this can be included with your existing email notification.

One other thing that we have used with the email alert is a condition - i.e. run the email task to send an alert, only if all the files that should have been present in the output are not there, so we're only emailed when there is a problem with the files being transferred; otherwise the transfer is only logged.
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