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I'm new to visualcron and just testing it as an alternative to the windows task scheduler.

I want to limit the number of jobs running in parallel within one group and add further jobs to a queue.
Example: I have 10 Jobs that should run at certain times, but for performance reasons I only want to allow 5 of them to run at once. The 6th Job should only start if at least one of the others has finished and otherwise wait till it has.
Which of the other jobs finished does not matter. It is important, that the queue respects the original scheduling order, i.e. once one job finishes, the one in the queue that was scheduled to start first should start first. So no "wait for x minutes and check again", as this might start job 8 before job 7.

I think this is possible with some complicated use of variables counting up and down.
I was wondering, if there is a simpler solution for this?

Thanks and Regards
Indeed that would be tricky to do with Variables and counters. We do not have this feature built in right now but if this feature is important to you please send an email to and we can estimate when and how to deliver it.
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