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Kevin Rood
Hi Support,
I've got a couple fairly simple jobs, only containing Execute, SQL, and FTP commands, where the statuses, results, and last run times seem to not be updating.

I have attached a screenshot here.
In the first job, the 12 tasks run in order. As you can see, task 2 is still 'Running' and tasks 3-12 are Waiting.

The second job has an event trigger from the first job, and this one has Run Tasks In Order unchecked. It has an event trigger from the first job. By looking at the dates you can see that the second job has begun, so I know that the first job finished successfully in order to trigger it. Also, half of the tasks in the second job still show Running but have the green checkmark instead of the hourglass. I looked at my application's logs to see that those tasks in the second job did in fact finish, so the green check mark is accurate but the Result still says Running.

This is VC 7.0.7, by the way.

Thanks in advance for your always excellent support.
Kevin Rood attached the following image(s):
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Kevin Rood
Any ideas? Anything else I can do to troubleshoot?
I would advice you to test with the latest version to see if you still experience that problem. If you do we will come back with more tests.
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