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Good Morning,

Wondering if it is possible to control the character encoding of the results of the 'Excel - Convert' function. In the output tab the delimiter and Line Breaks can be controlled, and in the Convert Settings other conditions can be controlled for Cell ranges and such, but no option to control the encoding of the content being exported.

There is the option on the main settings of the Ecel - Convert function that doesn't appear to affect the output no matter what the choice.

I have tried a small sampling of files (.xls and .xlsx) with mixed results on the output. If I open the resulting files in Notepad++ some of the files are encoded ANSI while others are ANSI as UTF-8. I can't determine a pattern as to why.

Exporting the same files from Excel itself presents various options for the encoding of the text though the desire is to not need to use Excel to do the conversion.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not possible right now. I am moving this topic to Feature requests.
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We have a similar problem.

I need to change data files from standard ASCII to CP850.
I see there is an encode parameter in the task window but it doesn't seem to to anything.
I've tried both using a copy file or move file task, I've tried using a read file task then a write file task, setting the encoding to the desired codepage in the Write File task, but nothing happens.

We're currently using another automation tool together with a 3rd party UTF-8 converter, but it doesn't work for this particular project.
Here we need to convert to CP850 instead of UTF-8.
Additionally VisualCron seems to has some other nice features that I would like to make use of, but for now I urgently need to convert these data files to CP850.

Any suggestions?
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