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Is it possible to define permission such that a group of users have permission to Activate/Deactivate Jobs, but otherwise cannot edit the job or task?

The scenario is a group of developers creating jobs that run on the application servers. In the Test environment, it is desirable for developers to be able to deactivate jobs they've created. For example: jobs need to be disabled for automated builds to run, or during a testing session it might be desirable to disable the job temporarily, then reactivate.

My searches through the forum turned up some older discussions from about 2 years ago, but I didn't see a resolution to the question.

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No, currently these kind of permissions are grouped into the same Edit Job permission. I will move this topic to Feature requests.
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This would also be helpful for us. Our developers have permission to edit jobs in dev. We then move them up through QA, UAT, and PROD. We have some jobs that deactivate on failure. We want the developers to be able to reactivate them after conditions have been corrected that caused the job failure, but we don't want changes made to the jobs unless they go up through our environments again.
I also would very much like to see this: activate/de-activate permission, without edit permission.
run/stop I assume falls under execute permission, so that should be fine as is.


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