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I currently have a SQL task working correctly and outputting a tab-delimited table (with headers) to standard output.
I also have an email task that puts the stdout of the SQL task in the body of the email.

Both of these are great, but I want to format the tab-delimited output into an HTML table.
I know how to do this in Python. I can read a tab-delimited table and output a nice formatted HTML table.

However, I don't see a way to redirect the SQL task's input to my script.
How can I accomplish this?
If your first Task is the SQL Task and you want to redirect (either by writing to a file using the File write Task or user the Execute Task) you should use this Variable to get the output of previous Task:

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Specifically, how do I use {TASK(PrevTask|StdOut)} to redirect the SQL task to the standard input of the Execute task?
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