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Hi Support

We have an issue with downloading files from FTP in visual cron v7.0.7. In the Download dialogue we are trying to use variables in the folder name and file mask fields (see screenshot) but there are two issues with this:

1. The variable values are not recognised. The values are defined correctly in the variables but not mapped into the fields
2. The 'Case Sensitive' check box makes no difference to the value if it is hardcoded in the filemask field. For example, retrieving a filename must have the File Mask hardcoded as *STATEMENT*. Using *statement* with the Case Sensistive checkbox unticked (or ticked - we tried both) will not find the file

I am pretty sure this is an issue that was previously raised by someone on this forum, but before we upgrade to the latest version, can you tell me if both of these issues have been resolved?


osirisja attached the following image(s):
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