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Kevin Rood
Hi Support,
I'm trying to find a root cause on some intermittent failures.
We have a lot of execute tasks that run as a local user I've created on that specific machine. The user is an administrator, and most of the time everything works fine. On occasion, tasks fail, and when I go toggle these two options, the tasks work perfectly when re-run. Then, all is well for a while, and the same scenario happens...go toggle these options again and everything starts working fine again. Most of the time I don't even have to toggle them back to their original position; I can toggle them once, either from on to off, or off to on, and tasks start working fine again.

There's got to be something funky going on with my credentials but I have no idea what it is. And to be honest, I'm not even sure what these two Booleans do that I'm toggling to get this working. My windows user is a member of Administrators, Remote Desktop Users, and Users - that's it - and was only created for VC. No users RDP to the machine using the user and it doesn't get used in any other capacity. It only exists so that the Execute task can access a network attached storage, since the Windows user/VC user has the same username and password as the NAS credentials.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!

P.S./Edit - the NAS being accessed is a UNC path.
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