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I have a .zip file that is created and I need to wait before executing a move task to move the file to another share.
It takes 30min to create the zipped file and the visual cron task is executed before the compression is complete and the job fails. [img]null[/img]

Created is Checked
Triggering when FIle has been released is checked.
Notify Filter FileName is checked.
On Error Reconnect attempts 60
On Error REconnect intervals 10
Duplicate File Delay 300
Folder Path and File mask valued with the directory and the name of the trigger file.

Forum information
Error returned is: Exception in Task: No file(s) copied
Originally Posted by: jmccord 

Error returned is: Exception in Task: No file(s) copied

Seems like the wrong values are used in the Copy files Task. Please check the File trigger video tutorial for using the correct Variables in Source folder and Source file mask.
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