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we have a great problem with tasks triggered by file activities:

- The trigger will fire, when files in a special folder are changed. The trigger itselfs is fired, but when the first task checked the condition and results in a "nomatch", the entire job will end. But we set to run thru the other tasks to check the conditions.

Here are the settings (shortend):

Job with trigger for File, Watch for folder with mask *.csv
In the jhob are 5 tasks, each with a condition Variable {TRIGGER(Active|LastTrigger|File.Result.Name)} to compared to a specific filename to execute this task.
The flow for each task is set to "on complete" continue with next task

The desired result for me is:
Run the job when a file has changed in the folder. Check the condition for each task if the filename matches then run the task, otherwiese check the next task. But the job ends allways after the first condition.

I've attached the main screenshots. Hope, everybody can help me

Sorry for my english..

Best regards from Berlin

MarioStuck attached the following image(s):
I am not sure what you want to do. Why do you not use a Variable in the File Trigger instead or use the specific file you want to look for in the File Trigger?

One problem with current approach is that Conditions are evaluated BEFORE a Task or Job is being run and the Flow is evaluated after.
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Hi Henrik,

thanks for your reply. I want to execute tasks depending on the changed files in the monitored directory. For example:

In the Directory the files with names "test1.csv" and "test3.csv" has changed. Therefore the Task 1 and task 3 should be executed. Task 2 (for filename "test2.csv") should not be executed.

How would you solve this with VisualCron?

Best regards

Best way is to use a separate Job with one Trigger each (with different filemask).
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