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Burak Akkor

I'm using 7.5.1 and I have a question.

Basically I want to pass variables to job and trigger it.

Here is the sample;

using System;
using VisualCron;
using VisualCronAPI;

public class Test
 public static string TestTrigger(string jobId)
  List<global::VisualCron.JobVariableClass> variables = new List<global::VisualCron.JobVariableClass>();
  variables.Add(new global::VisualCron.JobVariableClass() { Key = "Triggered", ValueObject = System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("") });
  VisualCronServer.Jobs.Run(jobId, bolCheckConditions: true, bolSynchrous: true, lstJobVariables: variables, bolUpdateJobVariables: false);

But this is not working actually or am I doing something wrong? I don't want to add or update job variables which I can easily do that through API. I just want to send my dynamic variables to task and trigger it with one time variables.

When I try to get that variable value from VC like {JOB(Active,Variable,Triggered)} is returns to me not found.

And secondly what encoding type is using in VC variables?

Thanks already,
Hello, is it possible, and if yes, how to pass job variables while starting job in VisualCron by URL? As a example, if I want to start job http://localhost:8001/VisualCron/xml/Job/Run?id=0845127e-ac0d-486e-8b49-82b145519f93, how can I set job variable/s? 😲

Thank you in advance!
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