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Greetings, hoping to find some help and expertise here...

My company runs an FTP server made by IPswitch called WS_FTP server. The server suppors SFTP and is hardcoded with a max packet size of 32792. Each morning hundreds of customers upload thousands of files to us without this issue but we have a customer using Visual Cron who's transfer generates thousands of errors each morning that say "Protocol Error 0 Warning SFTP Packet longer than maximum: 32792" and subsequently they're having timeout issues.

I've been in touch with the customer and asked him to adjust the packet size, and he has set it as low as 25000, but not much has changed. In a screenshot of his settings I do see the "auto adjust transfer block" setting is checked. I'm unfamiliar with Visual Cron so I'm hoping someone could possibly offer any advice on what to try. I'm going to have him uncheck that setting and set the packet and block size to something lower, but any advice other than that? 
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Please try to uncheck AutoAdjustTransferBlock and then change UploadBlockSize/UploadBlockSize properties values to the limit from error message.
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