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L. Atkinson
I am trying to learn on VCron 7.6.1 (still in demo period). I want to use the List Files task and use that output in a loop to another task to do a one-at-a-time conversion/copy/compress/decompress on each file in the folder.

What's kicking me is what built in variables I am supposed to be using.

My Loop is set to use a For Each in {TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)}

My inner task, which for now is just a pop up is currently using {LOOP(CurrentValueXArray,0)}, but I have also tried CurrentX, and CurrentLine)

They all give me the error: TranslateVariables _ Unhandled error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object on string: {LOOP(CurrentValueXArray,0)}

Am I using the wrong variable? and what variable should I use? Clearly I am missing something, but even trying to base what I do from the Tutorial on Loops, I still can't get this working.

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Thanks for your feedback. The Popup Task is a little bit special and creates some special handling as it is not launched from the same process as other Tasks. That said, you found a bug here regarding this. This has now been fixed in this beta build for 7.6.2: 
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