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Dubravko Dolic
Hi all.

I'm completely new to VisualCron and I will evaluate this tool for a customer.

I tried to set up a connection to a MySQL Server (Running in a virtual CentOS Box on my machine). While the Connection Test completes successfully the Connection Wizards stops after the Conenction test. There is no chance to press the "Next>>" button and the wheel (cursor) keeps spinning around.
What's wrong?
I'm running VC Client 7.6.1. on localhost (Win7 Ultimate)
Thanks for any help.
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Thank you for your post. This problem has been fixed in 7.6.2 which was released today. Please upgrade to that version.
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Dubravko Dolic
Tak Henrik.

This changed my problem :)
Now I can create a Connection. But it won't work. Before I could click on Test Connection, the Connection was tested succesfully but then I couldn't proceed.
Now I click on Test Connection and get a message stating 'Access denied'. What is irritating about this message: It says Access denied on wwwadmin@ But I configured the Connection with I'm puzzled...
Any idea?

Thanks a lot.
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