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As far as I can tell, this is a bug: I created a test job, with a job variable called 'Days'. I gave the variable a value of 10. I then added a List files task, and in the date tab I asked only for files older than a certain date.


As you can see this fails when I insert the job variable as the number of days it should subtract. But as you can see where the arrow points, the correct date has been calculated. So clearly 'parts' of the program understand this field as proper date. If I substitute {JOB(Active,Variable,Days)} with say, the number 10, it works fine.

And this brings me to another point (which possibly belongs in feature requests): Have you ever considered adding explicit type casting as a feature? I don't see any casting functionality under variables. I really wish I could write that I want the job variable 'Days' to be cast as a type int for example. I don't like relying on implicit type conversion. Explicit conversions create more readable and less buggy code in my humble opinion.

Thanks, this has now been fixed for next build of 7.6.6.

Another thing you need to correct before using that new version is to use the same parameter delimiter. You use comman in one and pipe in another.
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