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Time exceptions for jobs are very useful. I'd really appreciate it if you would extend that capability to individual tasks.

Example use case: I have a job that monitors a critical system. If the system is not functioning, the job sends two notifications, one to an email inbox, and the other to several phones via text messages. There are certain times when we expect the system to be down, like during our bank's overnight processing and the maintenance window on the weekend. During these times, I still want the email alerts so that I know when and how long the system was down, but I don't want to be receiving text messages saying it's down every 15 minutes!

To work around the lack of a time exception for tasks, I have created two jobs, one with text alerts and one without, and I've carefully scheduled when each job runs. The pain point is that whenever we have a planned outage that doesn't exactly fit that schedule, I have to go in and adjust the triggers and time exceptions for the two jobs. Having time exceptions for individual tasks would greatly simplify things.

Thanks for your consideration.
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