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1) Can VisualCron be used on a "standalone" - Win XP Pro (32-bit) PC (with no server connectivity) to schedule jobs on it instead of using windows built-in task scheduler ?

-- OR --

Is VisualCron only for server environments and only for scheduling jobs to execute on servers ??

2) If VisualCron can be used on a Win XP Pro PC:

A) typically how much cpu resources does it use ?

B) Are they any known conflicts between VisualCron and and HIPS/Firewall Pgms ?

........ Specifically, The HIPS Pgms that I am considering are "Comodo Firewall - HIPS Pgm (CIS)", "Kaspersky Internet Security" or "Malware Defender (".

......... Has VisualCron been tested on a Win XP Por PC with any of these above HIPS/Firewall Programs ? .... If, so any known issues ???

1. yes, VisualCron runs on Windows XP. "Server" is just a definition. In this case the Windows XP is a "Server".

2. A. When no Tasks are execute the usage is 0%. It depends on what you tell VisualCron to do. If you tell it to start a program it takes the cpu usage that starting that program - normally does.

2. B. No known conflicts. To connect to VisualCron from another computer you need port 16444 open.
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