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I have a C# .exe scheduled to run every 5 minutes. It runs in about 1 second. (It may take longer if it has work to do but during this test, every 5 minutes that it runs it simply reports that there is nothing to do). After a few hours, the job hangs. VisualCron reports it as still running. The Task Manager reports 2 instances of the .exe. The task is configured to not start a new instance if the current one is still running.
Please see attached: Job Log and Task Log showing that it had been running consistently until it hung, and Task Manager showing 2 instances of the .exe.

It sounds like something goes wrong in the process. That there is a popup showing or another thing that the process hangs with.

I hope you chave control of this c# code because then you can easily add debugging to file to identify what it is doing at the moment and exactly where it hangs. Without knowing that it is hard to recommend any solution or diagnose this.
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