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We would like to have a new variable where you can get the server name, say {SERVER(Name)}. There is one to get the computer name, but that will result in different things depending on wether you are running on client or server.

I also saw that the variable {SERVER(IP)} returns a string (the server name) when viewed under variables. For example it could return 'AAA', whereas if you run the same variable in powershell write-output {SERVER(IP)}, the result is an IP, say Is this a bug or is it meant to be this way?

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I am also noticing similar behavior of this variable (I was going to post it in troubleshooting, but found it here with a search of the forum).

If I preview {SERVER(IP)} in the Variables dialog, I get the hostname of the server (presumably the one defined in my client connection to the server, because it's a CName, and not a FQDN, at that). But if I include it in an e-mail notification, it shows up in the e-mail as That's regardless of whether I run the job containing the notification as a "test" (manually from the client UI), or automatically on a schedule.

I want the e-mail notification to identify what server is sending it. Upon further poking around, it seems {COMPUTER(Name)} does what I want (it gives the client's hostname when I view it in the Variables preview, but the server's hostname in the e-mail notification), but I'm still not at all clear on what {SERVER(IP)} is supposed to be. I'm currently running 8.1.0 on the server and 8.0.0 on the client.


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