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We have two licensed copies of VC--one in Production and one on a backup/DR server. I have a nightly job on the Production server that runs a backup and copies it off-site. On the DR server, I've imported that backup to re-create the current jobs from Production. I've noticed that if I look at the license information on the DR server, it now shows the same Server ID and Activation Code as the Production server, rather than its own. I have two questions:

1. If I modify the backup job to exclude "internal settings", will that prevent the license information from coming over in the backup file?
2. How do I re-set the license info on the DR server without disrupting the Production server?

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1. the license is never included. We do not recommend including "internal settings" though as paths might be different on different servers
2. you can deactivate the server and then activate it quickly. It will not execute during that period but the process is very fast if you use the online method.
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