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I was able to create a web search tool using the API. I was wondering if you have any plans for this in the future.
It would be an excellent tool to assist in finding information across multiple VisualCron servers.
I have ours loading data from 15+ servers into a database, then I made it searchable through a web page.

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Looks good. What do you normally search for?

What limitations do you see in the Grid filter of VisualCron?
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We can search by source or destination across multiple task types and servers.
For instance, this allows me to determine where my Crystal reports are landing on our network.
We can search by upload or pickup path across task types.
We search for many of the save fields already available through the client, but the web tool is quicker to find where something is running from.
Then we go to the system where something is running and use the VisualCron client from that point to dig deeper.

We can export to Excel across all servers. (one of the reasons for the web tool creation)
We can use the Excel data to get a snap of the last execution run length and total it.
This allows us to see which systems are the busiest. (VisualCron busy, we have VMWare tools for check CPU, memory and so forth)

I can search the command line for all exe, bat, and etc..within execute task types.
I can search the parameters on commands.

We track situations when loading the data from the webAPI once per day from all servers.
Answering these questions by flagging them with a color in the web page.
I have a report that gets sent out via email if certain situations arise.
Did someone deactivate a task or job and forget to reactivate it? (This was one of the main reasons for creating this tool)
Did someone create something new?
Did someone delete a task or job?
Sounds great, please keep us posted about the progress of this tool!

It seems to be a mix of Audit log window, Job report window and the main grid. It is hard to say if this would be interesting to everyone or not but generally we want to extend and make our core windows better (main grid with grid filter, audit log, log windows etc).
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