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Hi VisualCron Team,

Currently VisualCron uses XML files to store credentials, jobs, etc...
It will be great to store all these information into a local SQL Compact database as it is done for the logs.
I know it is a big work to adapt this, but it will allow to increase performance when there are a lot of data in the xml.
I've done a test by creating a job which stores in a global variable the content of a file with a size of 172 MB after the job runs, it is impossible to edit the job, the only solution is to delete the job.

Moreover, is it possible for the log to find another solution because, the log size is limited to 4091 MB...for Production purpose sometimes we need to have all history logs.

Many thanks,
Best regards
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Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for getting back to us. I've moved your post to the feature request section so that it can be considered as a feature request.

Also, please note that you can increase the log size from Server->Settings-> Log Settings-> Database Settings.

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Is it possible to store jobs definition in a database or its still not implemented?

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