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Luke Saunders
I am having trouble getting a task flow to work even though it seems fairly simple... I must be missing something.

Task 1 - List files on a network share - file name only
Task 2 - List files in a local temp folder - file name only

Task 2 has 3 task flows..
-on success compare output to prev task output, equal -> Stop Job
-on success compare output to prev task output, not equal -> continue to next task
- on error stop job.

The job will always stop after task 2, even if there are no files in the local temp folder.
Switching the order of the flows doesn't make any difference.

See screenshot.. help?

Try replacing {TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)} with the specific task id. {TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)} doesn't seem to work as expected in this scenario. I don't know if it is abug, or if it supposed to work that way. Make sure you add sorting to your listFiles!

Luke Saunders
Thank you! You are correct good sir! Now that I think about this.. flow comparisons run AFTER the task has been completed so {TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)} is actually the current task. So in flows you always need to use the direct ID.
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