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We have a simple copy job that must be run at 1:00 PM each day.

Some days we do not receive a input file to be copied. This is a normal occurrence.

I am looking for a clean way to handle the task so that if no file is present at 1:00 PM the job will run but instead of resulting in failure I would like to the output to state that a file was not present.

What is a god way to handle this?

Thank you in advance


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Why not use a File trigger so that it is copied when the file is created?

I am not 100% what you want to achieve but you can supress errors through On error tab. You could also create a List files Task that just checks if a file is there or not.
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We tried to use the file trigger to copy the file however the file is created over a period of 60 minutes.

This file is created by a SQL job. The SQL job keeps appending to the file over a period of 60 minutes or longer.

I tried every combination of settings in the File Trigger, but because this file is created over time and sometimes a delay of up to 10 minutes between writes it's just not reliable.

Because of this we just schedule the job to start later in the day when we know the file is complete.

This all works well unless we don't receive a file that day.

The schedule will kick off the job but result in failure due to the missing file.

Currently I have a condition set that looks for the file before running the copy task.

The problem with is that we have to run the job to check for the file and if no file is present the job still runs displaying the last run date.

We would like it set so either the job does not run at all when no file is present or have the output display the message "No File to Process"

Ok, then you have some options:

1. Use a File Condition - this will prevent the Job from running (or the Task if you set it on the Task)
2. Use a List files Task - you can set it to fail so it does not jump to next Task
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