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Like a previous poster, we are upgrading here from version 5 to version 8 (5.7.8 to 8.0.x). At the same time, we are moving to new server hardware, rewriting a lot of our existing jobs, and leaving a bunch of old ones behind.

1. Can the Version 8 client connect to the Version 5 server? I got an exception one time (about an object not existing or not being defined or something) and a time-out the next. If this is not possible, I'll just leave the version 5 client on my old 32-bit laptop for connecting to the old server, and continue moving forward with the version 8 client on my new, 64-bit laptop, to connect to the new servers.

I would assume that one can't install both client versions on the same machine?

2. Is it possible to export/import a subset of the jobs? I seem to recall that it is.

3. Is it feasible to export jobs, modify them using a text editor, and then import them? It's kind of awkward to do scan for typos and perform diffs between jobs using the GUI.


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Hi Rebeccah,

  1. No, you can't use the client v8 on a server v5. There are lot's of changes behind the scenes so the client and server needs to be the same version. Also there can only be one server on a machine and I think you can have multiple clients on one machine, but install them in seperate folders.
  2. In the current version you can, in version v5 I don't know excactly. In the are all the settings of the server. If you're handy with XML, you can alter the files in there, but I would not recommend that.
  3. Every version can have some changes in the tasks/jobs. The export of all these settings are in the XML files in the settings folder of the server. Comparing XML files from different versions is not recommended, you can have a lot of differences. You should be very carefull if you alter the XML files in a text editor. You have to stop the server, alter them and start it again. As in point 2, I would not recommend altering the XML files.

To alter jobs/task in a faster way, you can use the API and to it programmaticly in the latter versions of Visualcron.

Uses Visualcron since 2006.
Thanks, Erik.
I'll have to take a look at the XML files again. A nice-to-have would be a simple text export that would show all of the user-configured choices, but leave out the behind-the-scenes details and xml tags, that would just be for the purpose of proofreading. This is as much (or more) for comparing DEVELOPMENT-VALIDATION-PRODUCTION versions of a job as for comparing pre-move vs post-move.

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