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Christophe Mathon
Dear All,
I have a feature request regarding triggers.

In case a file is created while VisualCron is not running, VisualCron triggers will not start when VisualCron is starting.
For ex:
we have a job with a trigger that monitors the folder c:\temp for any files that is created in it.
When a file is created in c:\temp, the job moves it to c:\temp2
Everything will work as long as VisualCron trigger is “monitoring” this folder.
However, in the case that VisualCron is not monitoring this folder (for ex in case VisualCron is down because of maintenance or the service crashed) what will happen when it restarts?
If I read the documentation, VisualCron will monitor the new files in c:\temp only.

So if a file was put in c:\temp while VisualCron was not monitoring, then this file will stay in c:\temp forever.
How can we make so that So if a file was put in c:\temp while VisualCron was not monitoring the file is still picked up by VisualCron when visual cron restart to monitor the folder c:\temp ?
Something like "Trigger on existing files at startup" or maybe even been able to keep the snapshot of the folder/ftp other location before the service was shutdown would be nice :)

Let me know what you think and if it's possible
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