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I am getting an error a Copy File(s) task. Is there a way to see what command VisucalCron is trying to run? Like xcopy.exe filename.txt filename2.txt?

I am getting the below error. Without seeing what VisualCron is trying to do I am having difficulty troubleshooting the job. My jobs use variables, so what is happening is dependent on what the variable is at the time, or what visualcron thinks the variable is at the time.

Exception in Task: Illegal characters in path.
Exception in Task: No file(s) copied

We have used error notifications to give us details of the errors. Some examples below

Job Name: {JOB(Active|Name)}
Result: {JOB(Active|Result)}
Exit Code: {JOB(Active|ExitCode)}

Task Name: {TASK(PrevTask,Name)}
Task Exit Code: {TASK(PrevTask,ExitCode)}


Standard Error:
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