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We are experiencing an issue with version 4.9.35 build 35243 and the Visual Cron 4 service. There are multiple jobs that have a file trigger however; periodically the service stops and throws an error to the Visual Cron server log: "Error watching directory, err: The network BIOS command limit has been reached."

When this error is received Visual Cron is closed and the service is stopped. We attempt to restart the service but this does not have a lasting effect, once the server startup completes, within 5 minutes the service again has stopped.

Is this an issue other users have experienced? Is this something that has been corrected with the version upgrade to 5?

I have attached our server log for today so you can see the error we are receiving.

Thank you
I am not sure if this is a system are Trigger limitation. It seems like you are using a lot of file Triggers. I know that we have increased the memory for each File Trigger in later versions. I suggest you test version 5 on a test machine before upgrading.
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