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Conditions -

I have a few requests regarding conditions:

a) Allowing to apply a string function when comparing output of a task. E.g. I have a task listing the amount of files in a folder, but the task always adds a newline to the output. This means that my task cannot compare on the output of the previous to a string, e.g. "1" or "2". I would really like to be able to apply a string function (e.g. trim) to the compare function in the condition set, which would remove any spaces and newlines.

b) for condition types "files" and "folders", it is currently only possible to check on "file exists" and "file content". How about conditioning on a "file count" on some regexp or wildcard, e.g. *.cmd. So if "file count" on "*.txt" > 3 then something-something.

c) Being able to use user variables as comparrison in a condition set.

Thanks for a beautiful product.

Best regards,
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A and C should be working now in the Variable Condition. If you are still interested in B then please post that in a separate thread.
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