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I've built a new server, NEWVC, to replace our existing Production server, OLDVC. Both are running VisualCron 8.02, with NEWVC running on a trial license.

We're ready to switch over and make NEWVC our Production server. However, as part of the process I have to rename NEWVC to OLDVC. I'll be shutting down the original OLDVC completely and moving the license to NEWVC (which will be called OLDVC).

My question is: are there any gotchas when doing this? If I shut down OLDVC, move the license to NEWVC, and rename NEWVC to OLDVC, will I need to re-associate the license, or will changing the name of the server suffice? Does it matter whether I rename the server before or after transferring the license?

I'm just trying to be prepared for surprises. Thanks.
There should not be a problem here. However, for the sake of writing it out... when I've done this in the past i did the following, assuming you already have OLDVC and NEWVC both running, NEWVC being on a trial license. Preferably the same version.

1. On the current/original OLDVC run the backup task to generate a full backup.
2. Copy the backup file from OLDVC to NEWVC and save it wherever you like
3. On the current/original OLDVC - click License/Deactivate
4. Shut down OLDVC never to be turned on again.
5. On NEWVC, Import the backup from OLDVC and replace/clear everything.
6. Rename NEWVC to OLDVC, reboot, ensure everything is working.
7. Activate paid license on NEWVC (now OLDVC)
8. Have a pizza party

Also, one thing i've noticed when looking at 'My Pages' --> 'My Licenses' you can see more details about what's activated and there is a unique GUID for 'ServerID' which should have absolutely nothing to do with your actual computer name. I just did the steps above for good measure (habit from other products)

When i originally did this it was on an earlier version (5.x i think) back when we had a single license... but we've been on a site-license for quite some time now so i can activate as many as i want anytime which avoids this concern entirely.
Thanks. The transfer happens tonight, so we'll see what happens.
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