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Sometimes we have a need to skip the next run for a process. This could be b/c we are preforming some maintenance or possibly it's going to conflict with another process. Right now we have to deactivate the process and then remember to re-activate the process after the maintenance is complete.

Kind of like when you need to skip a scheduled payment with your online banking. It just moves the next payment to the next scheduled occurrence.

So, if it was supposed to run weekly on Fridays at 1AM, the current "next run" says 4/8/2016 1:00:00AM. After clicking the skip next run button it could move the next run to 4/15/2016 1:00:00AM

Then we wouldn't forget to restart the deactivated job.
This is coming very soon (we also requested this)
Workaround for this instead of disabling and forgetting... just change the date on the trigger for when it should be active. You could just change it to a date after the maintenance but before it should normally run, and it'll not run again till that date and then resume the normal interval you've set. It's not a fix for every scenario, but sounds like it'd fit yours for now.

Also, I'd very much like this feature 🙂 Though i'd also like the ability to select MULTIPLE jobs at once (or all of them) and set to delay all processing till 'X' date/time. For instances where i don't just wanna stop the service/server, as I want currently running jobs to finish but just not start any new ones. And then not run anything till X time after i'm done patching, etc...

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