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I'm trying to figure out how Notifications work and I am trying to test with an SFTP task that is going to fail.

I have used a malformed URL for the SFTP task. I included the protocol in the URl, SFTP:// . This causes the task to error out with an error of "No such host is known". as the Output (error).

I have setup an email notification. The body of the email notification is using {TASK(Active,ExitCodeDesc)} in the body and I set it to be sent On Error from the Flow tab of the Task.

When I run the task, I get the email as I expect but the body of the email says 'The operation completed successfully. '.

How do I use a variable inside a Notification so that it can be used in an On Error event to return the Error Description of the Task that caused the error?
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Here is what we put in emails

Job Failed....

Job Name: {JOB(Active|Name)}
Result: {JOB(Active|Result)}
Exit Code: {JOB(Active|ExitCode)}

Task Name: {TASK(PrevTask,Name)}
Task Exit Code: {TASK(PrevTask,ExitCode)}


Standard Error:
Thank you, that helped figure out what we wanted to do.
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