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Today, if we're using a Copy Files task and we want to use information regarding the source file (such as it's modified date), There does not appear to be a variable that references the source file. We have {NEWNAME()} that we can use in the post processing, but if you want to use the modified date of the source file i do not see a currently available variable to use.

For instance, if my Source Path on the copy step is D:\Temp\SourcePath\ and I want to use the modified date of the source file, I can't just use {FILE(ModifiedTime | {NEWNAME()}| MMMM yyyy)} because the FILE(ModifiedTime) needs a full path to a file to retrieve that info.

So we'd have to hard code it, like so: {FILE(ModifiedTime|D:\temp\SourcePath\{NEWNAME()}|MMMM yyyy)}

That would get you the modified date in the format of "MAY 2016" as an example. And then I could piece together the rest of the file name how i'd like.

Long story short, is there, or can there be added... a variable to reference the full path to the actively being copied file. Something like {SOURCEFILE()}.

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