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Time exceptions for alerts would be nice.
We have some tasks which are running every 5 min, during the night our main database is going down as a part of export process.
That is usually taking 10-15 min and can be done between 1AM-5AM (each night different time).

We can put an exceptions for triggers and tasks but we don't want to stop them for 5h.
In result we're getting a fake notification for some tasks which are trying to start when database is down.

A time exception for notifications would be a perfect solution .


If you're only down for 15 minutes over a potential 4 hour period how will you know when to switch notifications off? (or are you saying you don't mind missing notifications for the other 3 hours 45 minutes)?
Exactly, we don't mind missing notification for the 3-5h during the night as it would be only for specific tasks which are running every few minutes and critical time starts for them after 5am.
I was chatting with Henrik this afternoon and he suggested to add this into "Feature requests" tab.
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