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I'd like to request the ability to bypass validation of file filter criteria.

I built a job to zip up old files that are deposited by other jobs. I wanted it to create a separate zip file for each day's files (e. g. if there are three days' worth of files, they would be compressed into three zip files). A loop is therefore required to iterate through each day's worth of old files. However, I cannot use a loop variable in the Archive - Compress task's file filter because it won't validate.

I ended up making the work by creating a job variable and setting it to a dummy value so I could build the filter, then adding a task within the loop to set the job variable's value to the loop value. Then I had to add another task at the end of the job to set the job variable back to a dummy value, in case I wanted to edit the filter later. Being able to use the loop variable directly in the file date filter would simplify this.

+ Mark
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