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Currently (v 8.1.1) there is an option with a Task-level Flow, to skip to another Task when an error occurs.
It would be very helpful for this functionality to exist at a Job level, so that if any Task within the Job failed, the Job could run a particular Task that is a part of that Job.
Currently the only Job-level option that is similar to this is to run another Job, but I would like the ability to run a particular Task within that Job rather than skipping to a separate one.

If there is a workaround that could achieve this same functionality, please let me know.

Many thanks!
As far as I know you can only achieve that by separating this 'goto' task into a separate job. Sorry.

If I may throw in my 2 cents I think it's a better option in any case. You could end up with a situation where you at the job level say: On error goto task nr 3. What if the job fails at task nr 4? Should it go to task nr 3 and continue to task 4 and fail again? Then you have an infinite loop. You could say it should only goto task nr 3 and then stop, but this way of structuring your program sounds like a tricky situation to me :)

Thank you Thomas.

I would not hit an infinite loop, as the Task I want to skip to would be Inactive and not part of the chain.
Here's an example of what I mean:

Active Task1
Active Task2
Active Task3
XInactive Task4

If Task2 for example encountered an error, I would want the Job to skip Task3 and run Task4 and stop.
I can achieve this by configuring an OnError Flow for Task2.
However most of my Jobs have 12-20 Tasks for example, so this becomes tedious to implement on each and every Task.
The ability to configure this function once per Job would be much better.
Ok I see your point. That's not possible as far as I know, but maybe somebody else kan chime in. By the way, if this feature is added, you don't have to inactivate the last task if you don't want to. You could as the second last task in every job add a Job/Task control that Stops the job, ie an Exit Sub so to speak. That way your last Goto/Cleanup task can stay active.

You can also use the API to programatically add a OnError handler to all the tasks. I dont' use the API, so you would have to ask somebody how to do it.


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