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Today in the product you can either setup a connection to be an Internal Visualcron logon or to user Active Directory to logon. When using Active Directory to logon it uses the current user of the machine. What would be nice it to allow the prompt for login option to be available for "User Active Directory Logon". This way you could be logged onto a machine using one AD account and launch the VisualCron client and connect using another AD account.

The use case for this example is:
1) We have a machine that runs applications (outside of VisualCron) that require a specific AD account to be logged onto the machine.
2) When we connect to this machine in console mode and want to launch VisaulCron, we want to limit which AD accounts have admin privileges, so we can't use the already logged in account (as people who are not VisualCron Admins know this account). There are also certain jobs that can only be edited on the actual machine, so a remote client connection will not work, for example Interactive tasks.
3) We would like our AD to manage items, such as passwords, rather than having a Internal Logon in VisualCron where there is no password policy.

So today with version 8.1.2 of the product the only way to address this issue is have an internal logon (we look AD password management), or allow the logged on AD account to be an Admin in VisualCron (gives to many people access). The solution would be to enable the Prompt for Login option when using Active Directory Logon. This way when the VisualCron client is launched, the user would be prompted to enter their AD account information and password (and VisualCron would then run the client under that Account).

Thank In Advance for considering this request for a future product update,
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Yes we would also like this to be able to test other users' logons/permissions
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