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The 'Set Job Variable' task requires selecting a job. Would it be possible to have an option to just use the job that the task is a part of? That would make this task very convenient when copying between jobs.
Agreed that there should be a 'this job' by default.
I'll add vote number 3 to this (4 if I am allowed to raise both hands).

The Task to Set Job Variable requires you to explicitly select a job from the drop down list. I would like to see a default entry of "this" job. Having built some large jobs with many tasks, I've been quite successful in allowing for cloning jobs and limiting my required changes to the job variables. However, cloning a job with the "Set Job Variable" will result in the clone keeping the original jobname and variable, forcing me to manually go in an update the individual task.
I'll throw my hat in the ring and 4th this request. I've only just started using job variables. Although the job selection dropdown defaults to the job I am in, it does so explicitly. Better for cloning invariance would be to have the dynamic "this job" as the default.

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