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Bob Burt
I am new to this product. I have created about 30 jobs. I see when I create a job, I can choose a group. I assume that means jobs can be grouped together.

1. What is a group under the Job creation tab?
2. What are they used for?
3. How do I create a group.

Right now, all I see is the Default group.
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Hi Bob,

The group under the job creation tab allows you to put similar jobs under one header in the VisualCron client. For example, if your business has multiple clients and each client has multiple jobs you could create a group for each client and under each client group you could put their specific jobs. It is a way to organize your jobs. To create a new group you just type the name of the group in the "Group" box and if it doesn't already exist it will create it for you.


Bob Burt
Thanks, worked like a charm.
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