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I have a minor bug to report:

I've noticed as I've been working on troubleshooting the 99% issue with 8.2.0 (so far, so good with 8.2.1), that Conditions.xml file has been accumulating more and more duplicate copies of
<string>mscorlib.dll</string> and

It's not my XSL stylesheet (which sorts the XML elements to facilitate comparison) that is doing this.
It's not the act of exporting the settings file that is doing it.

I can reproduce it by going into the GUI and editing the wait time on an action in the ConditionSet.
This particular ConditionSet has one condition, which is that the previous task not be active.
OnMatchNone is the action that has the wait time associated with it.
Steps to reproduce
1. Export all settings to file1.zip.
2. Open the ConditionSet for editing
3. Change the wait time in the OnMatchNone action from 5 seconds to 1 minute 5 seconds
4. Save the changes
5. Export all settings to file2.zip.
6. Compare Conditions.xml in file1.zip to the one in file2.zip
In file2.zip, there are two more copies of each of the above <string> elements under the <ReferencedAssemblies> node for this condition than there are in file1.zip.

If one doesn't repeatedly edit one's conditions, this will not be an issue. But If one does, the file grows larger and larger each time. As I say, it's a minor issue.


We really tried to reproduce it with your steps but we couldn't. Please check again.
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