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Ed Judkins
I have been unable to make a Send Keys task focus on any program to send keys to it. I get the message "No window was found when trying to send keys. Please check application title on job: Use sendkeys" I tried using the Application title: and Class name: method via the Arrow button, and the Process name: method, without success.
What am I overlooking?[img][/img]
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Windows have recently changed behavior preventing services to access desktops in many ways.

What we will do is to make this a Foreground Task instead. Give us a week and we will make this change.
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Ed Judkins
Wow, thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the update.
Ed Judkins
The version posted above does allow the Send Keys type of task to send keystrokes to an open application. Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly.

There are a couple more questions I have, but I'll post them separate from this thread.
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