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Phil Anderson
I have basic file event trigger setup to monitor a server folder share (see below). When we do server maintenance, we disable the job to prevent the trigger error when the share goes offline. We bring up the server with the share before re-enabling the VisualCron job. In that time, files may have been delivered to the share. So, when the job is re-enabled, if there are files already in the share they are ignored. How can I make sure that the trigger will fire when ANY file exists in the share?

File mask of *.*.
Check for Created, Changed, Deleted, or Renamed.
'Trigger when file has been released' is set.
'Run missed job once at start' is also set.

EDIT: I realize that some might suggest that I use an interval trigger or condition. However, my job uses the VisualCron active job trigger variables heavily so I can perform file by file tasks. As an example, I pass the following string to an archive task and then on to a copy task.

We plan to add this feature. But I think if you select "Use polling" it will work as a workaround.
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