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Encountering a strange issue on VisualCron SFTP task. In One of the jobs, I have configured an sftp task. This task downloads a file from SFTP site. There are other tasks in the job which will take this file and processes it. There are 3 retires configured on this sftp task in case of failure. Task usually takes between 2-3 hours to complete based on the connectivity.

When this particular task fail after retries, ideally the task will fail (which is happening), but the Job does not fail. Because of this issue, we are not able to get error notification which is configured at the job level. Our intention was to get error notification configured at the JOB level, once this SFTP task fail after 3 retires.

For tasks like SQL task, once the task fails the job also fails and error messages configured at JOB level are triggered. Only for SFTP task I am experiencing this issue. Please let me know if this is a known issue or I am missing any configurations.
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