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Jason Schaitel (Neu)
I see in the Job/Task Control task that we can select from a drop-down list of functions such as Run Job, Stop Job, Activate Job. Run Task, etc.
I also know we can right click on any Job or Task in the main interface and select "Reset Job" which clears all Output, Status, Exit Code, Result, etc back to default values rather than persisting the values from the most recent execution.

It would be helpful to be able to automate resetting jobs, especially when we have jobs where tasks can be skipped over because of Task Flow event.
Right now if I have 4 tasks in a job and I have a Task Flow setup to go to Task 4 when Task 1 encounters an On Error event the Output, Exit Code and other metadata for Task 2 and 3 would still persist from a prior execution whereas metadata for Task 1 and 4 would be for the current execution.

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